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Tradition Collection

The Tradition collection pays a vibrant tribute to the memory of Breguet. Inspired by the legendary souscription watches of Breguet, Tradition timepieces suggest both a return to the brand’s origins and a vision of its future.

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Classique Collection

The Classique wristwatches exemplify the watchmaking ideals of precision, clarity and elegant lines. Whether extra-thin models or complicated watches, they are all true to the technical principles, the artistry and the traditional values of the Breguet watch.


Marine Collection

Marine watches are based on the traditional Breguet values, while interpreting them in a contemporary way in order to create sporty timepieces. The Marine watches possess all the qualities laid down by A.-L. Breguet as chronometer maker to the French Navy.

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Type XX/XXI Collection

Designed in the 1950s for the French naval air army, the Type XX returns to the Breguet collection in a civilian version fitted with a self-winding movement.

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Reine De Naples Collection

Breguet's Reine de Naples collection is inspired by an early bracelet watch A.-L. Breguet created for Bonaparte's sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. With their customary care and precision, Breguet's watchmakers have created a symbol of feminine refinement in a contemporary jewellery watch.

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Breguet is a Swiss watch brand tracing its name to its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, arguably the greatest contributor in the history of horology.

A-L Breguet (1747-1823), born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, founded the Breguet company in 1775 in Paris and created an unparalleled reputation for originality, invention, fine workmanship and elegance. His extraordinary contribution of inventions, still in use today, include:

The gong for repeater watches (1783)
Design for apple-shaped Breguet hands (1783)
Improvement of the lever escapement (1787)
The “pare-chute” anti-shock device (1790)
The retrograde display mechanism (1794)
The Breguet spiral overcoil balance spring (1795)
The tourbillon anti-gravity escapement (1801)
The first wristwatch (1810)

In addition, his highest attention to aesthetic design details can still be witnessed in the dial guilloche, fluted middle case, blued steel hands and Roman numerals.

Testament to his achievements and fine craftsmanship, A-L Breguet’s clients were the most wealthy and influential of the period: Louis XVI and his Queen Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVIII, George IV of the United Kingdom, Napoleon Bonaparte, Caroline Murat née Bonaparte (Queen of Naples), Alexander I of Russia, and the Prince of Wales.

Today, the Breguet brand continues its philosophy of aesthetic traditionalism plus horological and technical innovation in its seven collections: Tradition, Classique, Marine, Héritage, Type XX/XXI/XXII, Queen of Naples (Reine de Naples), and High Jewellery.

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