The Watches of Switzerland service centre is able to carry out repairs and assist our customers with after-sales service.
Our on-site watchmaker has over 30 years experience in repairing and restoring Swiss watches.

We are able to conduct after sales service on watches, from battery changes with pressure tests to comprehensive overhauls. All work is guaranteed for an additional 12 months. If your watch is currently covered by the manufactures warranty period, we will forward the piece to their authorised repair centre where the warranty work will be carried out. However, for all work required outside of your warranty period, please contact us for information.

“We are proud to be a leader in the industry in after sales service, so our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop when they purchase their watch, it is just beginning”

Eric van der Griend, Executive Chairman.



It is important to know that when you invest in a Swiss watch, particularly a mechanical Swiss watch, that you will need to maintain it with regular servicing. Just like a prestige car, you must only entrust the maintenance and repair of your Swiss watch to an authorised watchmaker who has been trained to conduct the correct service on your timepiece, and who has the correct parts and seals.


When and how should I wind my watch with a hand-winding movement?

It is recommended that you wind your mechanical watch once a day (even when you are not wearing it) - this produces the energy required for the movement to work well for the next 24-hours.

A watch is wound to maximum capacity when you feel a certain resistance when turning the crown. Take care not to wind the watch past this point, or you risk snapping your mainspring.

How should I wind my automatic watch?

We recommend that you wear your automatic watch every day so that the movement of your wrist winds the timepiece on a regular basis. If you don't wear it for a while and need to wind it, give the crown a few turns to wind the mechanism and set the movement working again.

What is involved in a full service?

Your mechanical watch is a high-precision instrument that operates 24 hours a day, or 8,760 hours a year.

It is essential to have your timepiece fully checked on an average of every three years to keep it running well and prolong its life without requiring expensive overhauls. If significant variations occur in the settings, you may need the movement serviced.

Our watchmaker will complete the following tasks in a full service:

  1. Firstly, full disassembly of the watch case and movement.
  2. Polishing of the case and bracelet, changing the gaskets, driving in or gluing of the crystal, followed by a water pressure test.
  3. Movement: Full cleaning of components or replacement if required, oiling, checking of the escapement fixtures and setting, reinsertion of the dial and hands.
  4. Casing up of the movement.
  5. Checking the power reserve.
  6. Ensuring your timepiece looks like new for you to enjoy.

All servicing completed by the Watches of Switzerland service center is covered by a one-year guarantee from the time the service is completed.

Any defects resulting from accidents, from improper or inappropriate handling or use, or from an intervention by unauthorised third parties, are not covered by the guarantee.