the Explorer

Launched in 1953 as the ultimate expedition and mountaineering watch, the Explorer draws on decades of experience of Rolex in the Himalayas. It is designed for optimal legibility even in the dark – a crucial feature for explores. The Rolex Explorer II, first released in 1971, is the natural heir to the original Rolex Explorer - yet with a character all of its own. A robust, highly refined tool watch, the Explorer II swiftly became the watch of choice of speleologists, volcanologists and polar and jungle explorers, thanks to its specially designed features.



A scratch-proof sapphire crystal, a clear dial and special luminescent markings allow the rugged Rolex Explorer II to be read even in the most challenging conditions, while the trademark orange 24-hour hand helps the polar or underground adventurer differentiate between daytime and night time hours without the reference of the sun.

Features of the Rolex Explorer II


An independant hour hand, which provides a second function in conjunction with the fixed or "home" 24-hour display, and an integrated Cyclops lens that magnifies the date, are other functions that make the Explorer II highly appreciated by global adventurers.

Features of the Rolex Explorer II


The Explorer II is equipped with an additional 24-hour display; a dedicated hand circles the dial in 24 hours rather than the usual 12, pointing to a fixed bezel with 24 hour graduations. This function enables the wearer to distinguish the hours of the day from the hours of the night, an essential feature for those who venture into environments where darkness reigns supreme such as in the depths of caves, or where the sun never sets like the polar regions in summer.



The Rolex Explorer benefited from experience gained in the Himalayas acuiring its clearly distinctive hour and minute hands, and its landmark, highly legible, black dial with luminescent indices and large Arabic nurmerals at 3, 5 and 9 o'clock. It designed for optimal legibility even in the dark - a crucial feature for explorers.

Features of the EXPLORER


Rolex uses Oystersteel for all its steel watches. This high-performance alloy is mainly used in the high technology, aerospace and chemical industries, where maximum resistance to corrosion is essential. Oystersteel is extremely resistant and highly polishable. It maintains its beauty even in the harshest environments.

Features of the Explorer


The high contrast on the dial innovates by pushing the boundaries of visibility in dark environements. The blue glow of the hour markers and hands lasts up to eight hours with a uniform luminosity throughout, pratically twice as long as that of standard luminescent materials.

The Rolex Explorer embodies the quest for greater precision, robustness and reliability. Under real-life conditions. Defined by a highly legible dial and a strengthened case, the Explorer models come on a solid link Oyster bracelet and feature the Twinlock winding crown. The Explorer II provides a larger format, with a 24-hour bezel and second time zone hand serving as a highly prominent AM/ PM indicator. WATCHES OF SWITZERLAND AUSTRALIA is proud to be a member of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers, authorised to purvey and service Rolex timepieces. Book an appointment with our friendly staff now to discover the Rolex Explorer and Explorer II collections.