Behind the Desk

Behind the Desk


Rex Wong – Melbourne Rolex Boutique Manager

How did your life-long love affair with watches begin?

My first mechanical watch was given to me by my aunt when I was 12. I loved it because it wasn’t a square-faced digital number. Back then everybody was embracing the new technology – the quartz revolution. I liked to hear the ticking sound from the mechanical movement; it needed manual winding every day. I had my first automatic self-winding watch when I was 20. Looking back I realise that it probably cost just a few hundred dollars but for me it signalled a huge step forward.


How has the watch business changed since you started out?

Consumer behaviour has changed towards luxury watches; people are looking at high quality non-seasonal durable products with a store of value. Some watches are treated as an investment; it’s just like a piece of art. A watch is something you can enjoy looking at every day and the value is always there. Websites and social media have played a big role in our business, it has helped to generate brand awareness and support the decision making process when buying a high quality watch.


What’s your favourite model from the 2017 Rolex collection and why?

My favourite model from the 2017 Rolex collection is the Sky-Dweller 42mm white Rolesor (Ref 326934). The watch looks great and is easy to read. The annual calendar setting can be done in any order, both forward and backward in time, with no risk of damage to the movement. The watch is waterproof to 100 metres, you can wear it swimming. Most important is its affordability, supporting the complications of a dual time zone and an annual calendar without breaking the bank!

What advice can you offer first-time Rolex buyers?

I would look for an iconic design like the Oyster Perpetual or Datejust – these watches are prime examples of the very best of classic watchmaking. Both models are important parts of the Rolex product line and have a history going back to the 1940’s. These models are good for every-day wear and can be easily dressed up or down, for all occasions.

Finally, the question on everyone’s lips: what’s on your wrist right now?

Rolex Submariner Date 40mm yellow Rolesor (Ref 116613LN). This watch is designed to fit with any outfit. It is one of the most recognised luxury sport watches in the world. It has a solid feel and fits well on my wrist. I love the Glidelock extension system for fine adjustment plus the Fliplock extension link for larger adjustments, which offer a very precise fit for optimal comfort. Most importantly the watch looks great.